You’ve almost committed to that purchase, or decided to go ahead with ideas for your property. You want to see something on paper now - sketch designs and ideas. You need our experience of building projects to help you give you direction, but without too much investment.


First, we start with an initial hour long consultation on Zoom. We discuss your brief, your aspirations and your budget, and see if we all feel that we would like to work together.

Next, we meet with you at the site or property for us to assess its potential, and meet you in person. We will take some dimensions on site, not as detailed as a digital survey, but enough to allow us to carry out the next step.

We present a design, with an alternative layout also, at a meeting at our office or by Zoom, typically this lasts an hour to an hour and a half. You’re likely to have changes to suggest, which we take on board.

There are usually a number of phone calls to discuss aspects of your brief and the design, before we present the revised version. Drawings are plan layouts, presented in pencil. Rough room dimensions are in metric, and A3 size so that they can be copied easily. Above are some sample drawings.

We give you a one page report describing the design idea, and giving ball park cost estimates.

Time frame from initial consultation is within:

1 week to site visit

1 week to presenting the design

2 weeks to making any changes, presenting the revised design and report

Approximately 4 weeks in total, if urgent we can do it more quickly if available.

This will give you food for thought, it may steer you away from a project that might not ultimately give you what you want, or confirmation that you’re on the right track.

Cost €2,750 inclusive of VAT and expenses


If we decide to work together, this cost is deducted from the Will it Work? cost.

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