Before you buy or proceed with an existing property, you may have a lot of factors to consider: location; surroundings such as neighbouring properties, trees, a busy road; orientation and views; ground conditions and services; cost of purchase and/or building work; planning permission; timescale, to mention some. We can meet you on site and give you an expert opinion on the viability of your project. Below is a sample of some projects that we have looked at over the years.

'We love our 170 year old home, that has been in the family for generations. However, the comfort level has not kept up with the times - as you can see from the photo, the ground level outside is higher than inside at one end of the house, where we get damp and mould growth. We want to know the best way to go about upgrading the house, while retaining its character'

We teased out the brief with the owners, who said that they also wanted to improve the kitchen and bathrooms as well as the fabric of the building. With this in mind, we made suggestions as to what would give the biggest impact for their budget.

'This mews grabbed our attention, as something we could get much more excited about than a first-time-buyer’s offering in a housing estate. But we don’t know if we’re mad to consider it!'

Looking at the cost of the new build, and taking into account the medium term goals of the young couple, the mews as a potential home was not altogether out of the question. They had some experience of construction, the time and energy to take on such a project, and it ticked a lot of their requirements, such as proximity to schools, everything within walking distance, park nearby. They felt reassured after our meeting that they were going in the right direction.

'I’ve been looking for a suburban site for ages, as I want to stay in the area but need to downsize, and the idea of building a new, small, easy to keep home appeals to me. My neighbours are willing to sell part of their large garden. I’d like to get a professional opinion as to whether or not it’s the right choice'

We visited the site, looked at the access and overlooking by neighbouring houses. There was good shelter from existing hedges, and although the orientation wasn’t ideal, clever positioning would maximize the light available. We discussed the client’s idea of a modular home, what the extra costs would be, and whether or not it would be achievable on his budget. For instance, bringing in a road and services, establishing new site boundaries - walls, shrubbery, entrance gates - all had to be included. He felt that the project would cost more than anticipated, so would have a rethink about how to approach it.

Cost €950 inclusive of VAT and expenses


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