Homes to make your heart sing, and keep your feet warm

Is your dream home still only a dream? Do you want beauty, light, comfort and charm?

You need a good guide, who can create a fabulous home that will also enhance your wellbeing.

From apartments to renovations, are you looking for a solution that fills you with pleasure, while also being really comfortable and practical?

We love a challenge, from a tricky site to an old building that needs life breathed back into it. We aim for low energy design, and have completed our first passive standard house.

Not sure where to start?

We are a small, very experienced practice that is passionate about creating outstanding homes. We bring our personal, playful involvement to every project and we’ll stretch your imagination to give you more than you thought possible.

Are you enthused and openminded about creating something special? Do you see the value in good design that creates a beautiful, healthy place to live?

Look no further, we’d love to work with you!

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'Before working with Studiomove, I was having trouble getting my home renovation started. Their approach was relaxed, fun, creative and inclusive, which took away so much of the stress. They showed an openness to my ideas throughout the process. The result is a beautiful home - contemporary and calm, making great use of light and location.'

Paul, owner

Zen living
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'We were unsure if the site was suitable for the size and type of house we wanted to build. But the initial design developed by Studiomove, based on our high level brief of number of rooms, size, general layout, orientation to suit passive house etc. convinced us to go ahead with the purchase. We wanted to build to passive house principles, but were concerned that the aesthetics might suffer as a result. We needn’t have worried...'

John, owner

The Tardis
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'We were struggling to envisage how we could turn our boring ‘70s holiday bungalow into an exciting and welcoming space. Studiomove immediately understood our issues and helped us create a vision for the space effortlessly. They translated the vision into reality with charm, calm and creativity. Easy to work with – approachable and creative, and great listeners.'

Gemma, owner

Banal to brilliant
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"We wanted to significantly expand our home but were worried it would be difficult to modify while keeping the original look and feel we loved. Studiomove’s creative yet pragmatic solutions instilled us with confidence. Patient and collaborative, they allowed us to feel free enough to come up with crazy ideas while guiding us through every twist and turn."

Maurice, owner

Reinvention of the original
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'We’ve had the opportunity to work with Studiomove Architects on a couple of projects. Their approach is the same as our own – attention to detail without sacrificing efficiency and speed. Their designs are simply stunning, blending the perfect combination of natural and contemporary elements. We would definitely recommend Studiomove. They’re professional, creative and put their client’s interests as their main priority.'

Lymar Contracts Ltd., builder

Playing with the past
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