Fisherman's cottage to zen living

O'Callaghan Strand, Limerick

'Before working with Studiomove, I was having trouble getting my home renovation started. Their approach was relaxed, fun, creative and inclusive, which took away so much of the stress. They showed an openness to my ideas throughout the process. The result is a beautiful home - contemporary and calm, making great use of light and location.'
- Paul, Owner

Our Challenge

An old fashioned cottage with limited light and views

The original fisherman’s cottage, which had become two storey over time, had a fantastic location by the River Shannon within walking distance of the city centre. Despite its great setting, the existing layout had limited light and views of the river. Our client was down sizing and wanted a bright, comfortable home close to the city, that was built to modern energy standards.

The Opportunity

A balance of traditional and contemporary

We wanted to keep the traditional form and feel, while making a more contemporary version. The same window pattern has been retained to the front, but with the punch of a big circular window to the entrance porch.

Zen Garden

‘If the bird does not sing, kill it’

Oda Nobunga

The circular porch window is on axis with the cloud tree in the front garden. The Japanese aesthetic with its stream of stones sets the mood for the house, which is detailed in the same manner with beautiful objects on display.

A New Outlook on the Shannon

‘A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure’

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The original home didn’t make full use of its superb setting on an elevated site on the strand by the river. Large windows have been added to living and bedroom areas, opening them out to the wide-flowing Shannon.

‘You Can’t See Me’

Views with privacy

You don’t want to feel you’re stepping into a goldfish bowl to take in the view. The old obstructing hedge has been replaced with a tidier yew hedge, which still preserves a sense of privacy. It stops above the garage (behind the timber doors) which gives an unobstructed view from the single storey kitchen.

Wind Protection

And a space for the day bed

A set-back in the large window to the sitting room allows the door to open onto the deck without risk of being caught by the wind that can blow up the river. The day bed tucks in to the recess.

The smallest room in the house

That is a pond out there!

No reason why every room cannot be interesting. The shower room at the back of the house opens onto a pond with steppingstones, one of which continues onto the tiled floor. To the left, just out of view on the party wall, is a green wall. Bamboo plants and water feature complete the scene.

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