Reinvention of the original

Adare, County Limerick

'We wanted to significantly expand our home but were worried it would be difficult to modify while keeping the original look and feel we loved. Studiomove’s creative yet pragmatic solutions instilled us with confidence. Patient and collaborative, they allowed us to feel free enough to come up with crazy ideas while guiding us through every twist and turn.'
Maurice Horan, owner

Our Challenge

Similar, but better

On an airy site with mature Monterey Cyprus trees, the clients love where they live. One of “The Glass Houses” in Adare, signs of age were apparent; glazing was beginning to leak, large expanses of low performing windows meant some rooms were icy. And what had felt adequate in terms of space when the family moved in no longer was - a large living room was part of the brief for family gatherings.

The Opportunity

Keeping the character

Retaining the style of the original, we sourced the same textured Forticrete blocks and recreated the dormer style. As a result, the new is indistinguishable from the old. The position of the extension at an angle maximises both light and views of the site to all rooms.

Glorious Light

Especially in Ireland!

Our climate is mild, but frequently dull. Windows on three sides of the kitchen/dining/sitting area, as well as the large glass roof mean that, even on the greyest of days, it’s almost like being outside.

The Result

Beyond expectations

Above the big new living room, the master suite is surrounded by greenery, and light. The style of the original dormer windows, recreated in the new part, looks like a nun’s wimple, giving a unique character to the bedroom. No need for curtains with high hedges and trees all around. As well as the extra space and increased light, the clients are delighted with no more draughts or leaks. And they love their new exterior, faithful to the original but so much better.

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