For the house you’ve dreamt of for some time, maybe have secured the ideal site or finally have the funds to build, this is the service you need. We love to see a project through from initial discussions, to waiting for planning permission followed by the excitement of watching construction happen, and then to you walking into your spectacular home.

A construction project is like an orchestra - many different parts that all have to work together to produce something beautiful. With Studiomove Architects as conductor, the vision is held throughout while the performance happens!


Unlike the previous services, here there are too many steps to outline in a list. For a description of the work we carry out, please see a sample ‘Agreement between Client and Architect for Domestic Work’.

This service gives you assurance that your brief will be interpreted into something beyond your imagination, and peace of mind that all the less-than-visible steps (such as compliance with regulations, how well the spaces flow, selecting the best materials) will be carried out.
On meeting the cost for this service, we believe that you should focus on doing what you are good at, rather than trying to take on aspects of the project yourself, or cutting corners by hiring less experienced people. Allow us to do what we have spent years learning and improving!

Time frame:

3 - 4 months from initial meeting to agreeing on design. As this design
is submitted for your planning application, you want it tied down.

2 months if applying for a preplanning meeting, often useful to have a
planner’s input before the design is set in stone.

3 months for processing of and decision on the planning application*.

3 - 4 months for preparation of working drawings and specifications for
tendering to a contractor. Lots of decisions to be made here, more
detailed than for planning permission purposes.

2 - 3 months for selection of contractor and starting on site

7 - 12 months for construction, depending on complexity of build,
availability of materials and labour.

20 - 28 months in total.

*An appeal to a planning decision can add 6 months to the process.

COST €250/square metre of proposed design.
For instance, for a 280m² house, the cost to you is €70,000.
Inclusive of VAT and all expenses, including digital survey.


If we decide to work together, this cost is deducted from the Full Service cost.

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